PlayStation VR 2 Could Come In Different Models; Gaze Tracking Can Change VR Experience

Playstation VR

The new console generation is around the corner, but the new consoles aren't the only new hardware that Microsoft and Sony are working on. Sony hinted multiple times that a PlayStation VR 2 headset may be coming together with the PlayStation 5, and it seems like it may come in multiple models.

Speaking at Collision 2019 in Toronto, as reported by Venture Beat, PlayStation 's Dominic Mallinson hinted that there could be multiple PlayStation VR 2 models, with wireless connectivity being one of the differences.

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I talked about wireless, for example. That’s one easy way to do it. Here’s a wired headset. You can take the wire and replace it with wireless. And then you can have a range. So you can have an introductory model and a high-end model. That’s something we’ve done with PlayStation 4. We could do that with PSVR.

Mallinson also talked about gaze tracking, and how it could be a game changer for VR. He, however, didn't talk about implementation for future PlayStation VR models.

We’re already beginning to see this in some products on display at industry events. I think it has the greatest potential to change the VR user experience at a pretty fundamental level. I think it was Shakespeare who coined this phrase that ‘the eyes are a window to our souls’. I’ve been a little more prosaic by saying that ‘the eyes are a window to our thoughts’. I think everyone can intuitively understand just how rich human communication becomes when you have that eye contact.

So what do I mean by gaze tracking? I mean the technology to understand where you’re looking in this virtual world. What is your attention point? And then on top of that, we can then layer extra things. We can understand perhaps your attention by measuring pupil dilation. We can do biometrics to understand who you are looking at. … And we can measure your IPD (interpupillary distance) — the distance between your pupils. This is very important to VR because it allows us to accurately set up the optics and the rendering to give you maximum comfort, and to really get the correct sense of distance and scale in VR. So fundamentally, with this technology, we know what you’re looking at in VR. And this allows for countless user interface and user experience possibilities.

The PlayStation VR headset is now available in all regions. It's fully compatible with both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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