PlayStation Third-Party Titles To Be Revealed Soon – Rumor

Francesco De Meo

The PlayStation 5 console is setting out to have an amazing 2023 with plenty of exclusive first and third-party titles, and it seems like the future will be just as bright as third-party titles are apparently set to be revealed very soon.

Speaking on their public Discord server, as reported by Insider Gaming, well-known insider The Snitch revealed that PlayStation is about to announce third-party stuff very soon. Unfortunately, no hint has been provided as to what is about to be announced, but this seems to suggest that a State of Play may be coming in the near future.

It has been some time since Sony hosted a State of Play to showcase upcoming PlayStation titles. The latest SoP was in September 2022, and it brought plenty of high-profile announcements, such as Tekken 8, showed more of God of War Ragnarok, Street Fighter 6, PS VR2 projects, and more. We haven't heard rumors of big third-party unannounced games so far, outside of a rumored return of the Metal Gear Solid series, so it will be interesting to see what will be announced and if it will release in 2023, a year packed with amazing games launching not only on PlayStation 5 but on all platforms.

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