PlayStation Stars Launches on September 29 in Japan; October 5 in the Americas; and October 13 in Europe and Australia

Ule Lopez
PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars, back when it was announced a couple of months ago, was advertised as a brand-new loyalty program for PlayStation users. Users could complete various tasks like getting specific trophies or merely playing games on their console and earn points to spend on items like PlayStation wallet funds.

The team also expressly mentioned that NFTs would not be part of the program’s rewards back when the announcement happened in July 2022. Anyways, Sony Computer Entertainment has an update relating to PlayStation Stars, and that comes in the form of when it’ll actually be launching for users.

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The answer depends on your region. PlayStation Stars will launch on the following dates for the following regions:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29th, 2022 (local time)
  • North and South America: October 5th, 2022 (local time)
  • Europe and Australia: October 13th, 2022 (local time)

Joining the service does not require an active PlayStation Plus subscription, or any additional fees, as a matter of fact. All you’ll need to do is just agree to the program’s terms of service, and you’re good to go. The full PlayStation Stars experience is accessible through the PlayStation App on iOS and Android. You can also join PlayStation Stars via Sony has also announced that they have plans to expand to console devices in the future.

Loyalty points and Digital Collectibles are the main rewards that you get for completing tasks inside PlayStation Stars. The former lets you redeem points for specific PlayStation Store items, PlayStation wallet funds, and Digital Collectibles, just to name a few. Digital Collectibles are a collection of items that players can obtain that, once again, are not NFTs.

On the topic of said Digital Collectibles, players will receive a Star Gazer Telescope collectible for just joining the program. Other ones include Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2, PocketStation, Toro and Kuro celebrating, and more coming soon. We’ll continue to update as more information on PlayStation Stars is released.

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