PlayStation 5 Allows Developers To Use Incredible Texel Density; Specs Are “Incredibly Exciting”

Playstation 5

The PlayStation 5 will allow developers to use an incredible Texel density, which will make visuals look more detailed at higher resolutions.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine, as reported by PSU, Luca Dalco, LKA's studio head, revealed that the PlayStation 5 will allow Texel density up to 4096px/m.

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We worked a lot in order to use the highest-resolution textures as possible also on PS4; nonetheless, PlayStation 5 will allow us to use an incredible Texel density, up to 4096px/m – that means the visual will be fully detailed also in higher resolutions. It’s one of the most important advances in visual capacity that we were waiting for.

For those not in the know, Texel Density is the relationship between different textures on different meshes in 3D scenes. A higher density allows for better details in polygonal renderings, such as ripples in cloth that can be rendered in 3D rather than in flat shapes.  As already mentioned, this makes a big difference at high resolutions

Luca Dalco also talked about the PlayStation 5 specs, which he describes as incredibly exciting, especially the inclusion of ray tracing.

PS5’s specifications are incredibly exciting – particularly for us is the additional graphical power and inclusion of ray-tracing architecture. Our studio has come a long way over four years and Martha Is Dead will strive for photorealism. We’re excited to see the next-generation hardware incoming to support us bringing our vision to players.

The PlayStation 5 SSD, as expected, will allow high-quality assets to be loaded faster than a regular HDD.

High-quality assets are naturally larger in size so will benefit from the faster loads times.

The PlayStation 5 console launches later this year worldwide.

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