PlayStation 5 Still Offering Best Performance Over Xbox Series X in January, but Differences Will be Minimal at Launch; PSVR 2 Teased to be Surprising – Rumor


The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have yet to be detailed in full, but right now Sony's console is still offering better performance compared to Microsoft's, according to an online report.

On the NeoGAF forums, a verified industry professional going by the name of BGs revealed that, as of January, the PlayStation 5 is still offering better performance than the Xbox Series X. This may have changed with the latest Devkits, but he has no way of knowing right now as he will get access to them later this year.

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At the beginning of the year PlayStation 5 was still the one that offered the best performance. I don't know if that has changed with the new Devkits, I don't have access to that information at this time and personally I think that (theoretically) I won't have physical access until early summer, for my part.

Despite this difference, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will not be all that different from one another. According to BGs, the differences will be very small, and most players won't notice them. The games will make all the difference.

This generation will NOT be the generation of the visual difference that makes you decide what to buy. It will be the generation of the games. Yes, one will be faster than another (but you will not notice it in practice). One will load the screen in 10 seconds and the other in 7 seconds. One will have a better sound than the other. One will run the game at 60fps and the other ... too. What will really matter will be the quality that development studies can achieve with their time and budget.

Interestingly, BGs is also suggesting to pay attention to the PSVR2. Unfortunately, he did not add more on the matter.

Last year, another insider talked about the difference in performance between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, highlighting how Sony's console was ahead and how this is likely not happening at launch. These statements are quite interesting, as the latest leak revealed that the PlayStation 5 may not be as powerful as the Xbox Series X.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch later this year worldwide. We will keep you updated on the two consoles as soon as more come in on them, so stay tuned for all the latest news.