PlayStation 5 System Software Update 21.01-03.10.00 Introduces System Performance Improvements; Size Revealed

PlayStation 5

A new PlayStation 5 system software update has gone live today, introducing system performance improvements.

According to the official update notes for version 21.01-03.10.00, the unspecified system performance improvements are everything this new system software update brings. The update is around 900 MB big, so it won't take long to download with a fast internet connection.

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The previous PlayStation 5 system software update, version 21.01-, has been released earlier this month. It introduced, among other things, the ability to store PlayStation 5 games on external USB drives, improved Game Base, the ability to pre-download game updates, and more.

Improved Game Base. The Game Base menu has been improved for quicker access to important content and features. You can now easily switch between Parties and Friends to start chatting with your existing parties or see what each of your online friends is up to. In addition, you can turn notifications on or off for each of the parties you’re in.

Disable Game Chat or Adjust Players’ Volume. You can now quickly disable in-game chat, which turns off your mic audio and the voice audio of other players. Additionally, you can easily adjust the individual voice chat volume of other players in the same chat so you don’t have to ask your friends to lower or increase their mic volume each time.

Game Update Pre-download. Once it’s enabled by developers, title updates for PlayStation 5 games will pre-download to your console if the “automatic updates” setting is enabled and your console is on or in rest mode. This will let you start playing the latest version of a game immediately after the update’s release.

New Trophy Settings and Stats Screen. The level of trophies that results in automatic capture of a screenshot or video clip can now be customized — so you can now choose to only capture and save images/videos of moments when you earn higher-grade trophies, like Gold or Platinum. We’re also introducing a new player Trophy Stats screen, where you can check out the summary of your trophy level and status at a glance.

The PlayStation 5 console is now available worldwide.

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