PlayStation 5 To Feature A “Complete Rearchitecting Of The User Interface”; Console Design Is Customizable In Ways Previous Gens Weren’t

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 user interface is going to be a major overhaul of the PlayStation 4 interface, according to VP of UX Design Matt MacLaurin.

Answering fans' questions on his LinkedIn profile, as spotted on ResetEra, Matt MacLaurin revealed that the PS5 user interface will be a 100% overhaul of the PS4 interface, featuring some very different new concepts.

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Hi, my team is the user interface, not the ID - you'll see our stuff soon. A little more pragmatic, but a 100% overhaul of PS4 UI and some very different new concepts.

In another comment, MacLaurin highlighted how the PlayStation 5 interface will be, most of all, practical. It will feature a new visual language as well, so it should be very different from what we have seen in the previous console generation.

Excited about what we've got to show there. As it's UI it's practical first, but it's a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface.

The interface is also going to load in a very short amount of time.

Big time. While we are obsessed with function, very few pixels left from PS4 gen. Most important is experience goals measured in milliseconds across the entire UI.

Matt MacLaurin also touched upon the PlayStation 5 design, hinting that we will see plenty of special editions down the line, special editions that may go beyond what we have seen so far as the console's design is customizable in ways not seen before. He also hinted we might see a black color variant of the console.

You will definitely be seeing special editions. This is also customizable in ways previous gens weren't.

The PlayStation 5 design has finally been revealed during the Future of Gaming event a few days back. At launch, two different models will be released, a standard model featuring a disc drive and the Digital Edition.

At launch, we will offer two options: a PlayStation 5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without a disc drive. The PS5 gameplay experience will be the same, so the choice is all yours. While there are some slight differences in the look of each model, for the overall design, we wanted to deliver a console that’s bold, stunning, and unlike any previous generation of PlayStation.

The PlayStation 5 console launches later this year worldwide.

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