PlayStation 5 Has Been Jailbroken; Exploit Grants Access to Debug Settings

Francesco De Meo
PlayStation 5 System Update 22.02-06-02.00

The PlayStation 5 console has been jailbroken, granting users access to the console's debut settings.

As reported on Twitter by Lance McDonald, a well-known hacker who developed the Bloodborne unofficial 60 FPS patch, the console has been jailbroken. The exploit uses Webkit vulnerability and can only be used on consoles running firmware 4.03, as the vulnerability has been patched in higher versions of the system software.

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The current PlayStation 5 exploit, however, is quite limited, as it basically only grants access to the console's debug settings, other than granting root privileges. As such, it doesn't feature any code execution, so it is impossible to run homebrew software yet. Additionally, the exploit is still unstable, so it may take several attempts to run.

Given how the exploit requires very old firmware, not many PlayStation 5 users will be able to run it. Still, now that the door has been opened somewhat, we should expect some very interesting developments in the future.

The latest PlayStation 5 firmware is version 6.00, which finally introduced 1440p support, changes to Game Base, and more. Full update notes can be found here.

  • In Game Library, you can now create custom gamelists to better organize your games.
    You can create your gamelist within the Game Library by selecting the [Your Collection] tab.
    Select games to add to your gamelist, and then decide what to name it.
  • We've updated the following for the Game Help feature:
    Game Help now informs you when there's help available, on both PS5 and mobile via PlayStation App.
    You can adjust whether the Game Help notifications are displayed. On PS5, select [Settings] > [Notifi cations] > [Game Help]. On PlayStation App, select [Settings] > [Push Notifications] > [Game Help].
  • PlayStation 5 1440p HDMI video output is now supported.
    Before use, run a test to see if your HDMI device supports 1440p output by going to [Settings] > [Screen and Video] > [Video Output] > [Test 1440p Output].
  • We've updated the following in Game Base:
    You can now request party members to start Share Screen to watch their gameplay.
    Go to the voice chat card, select the party member you want to send the request to, and then select [Request Share Screen].
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