PlayStation 5 Hardware Deep Dive Final Break Down From Former Frostbite Engineer Focuses On Power Usage And 3D Audio

PlayStation 5

Former EA Frostbite software engineer Yan Chernikov shared today the final part of his PlayStation 5 hardware deep dive breakdown.

The final video, which can be watched below, focuses on the console's power usage and 3D audio. Like the previous videos, it is a very interesting watch for all those interested in the inner working of the upcoming Sony next-gen console.

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Between the two next-generation consoles launching later this year, the Xbox Series X is definitely the one with the better specs, but it seems like developers are more excited about the PlayStation 5. Yesterday, VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb shared that third-party developers with over 25 years of experience are "fawning" over the console's architecture, much more than with the Xbox Series X.

In a few days, we will finally see what the PlayStation 5 will be capable of doing. A digital showcase event will be held later this week, on June 4th, providing the first look at some of the games that will be coming in the future. This event will mark the beginning of a series of PlayStation 5 updates that will reveal more about the console up until its release later this year.

This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour and, for the first time, we will all be together virtually experiencing the excitement together. A lack of physical events has given us an amazing opportunity to think differently and bring you on this journey with us, and hopefully, closer than ever before. This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.

The PlayStation 5 console launches later this year worldwide. We will keep you updated on the console as soon as anything new comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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