DualSense Controller Works on Playstation 3 and Nintendo Switch With Third-Party Adapter


The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller doesn't seem to work on PlayStation 4, but it does work on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 3 with little to no trouble.

Twitter user BrokenGamezHDR confirmed today that the DualSense controller works on the Nintendo Switch by using a third-party adapter that can connect the controller with the console.

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YouTuber MidnightMan also confirmed that the controller works on PlayStation 3, recognized as a generic Bluetooth controller.

Our own Kai managed to get a DualSense controller a few days ago, confirming that it doesn't work on PlayStation 4 as of now. The controller can get paired with the console, but inputs do not work.

I unfortunately could not get the controller to be recognized by the PlayStation 4 with any of the USB Type-C cables that I had around the office. Pairing through the standard Bluetooth method (Create button + Home button) would get the DualSense recognized as an eligible Bluetooth device and show up as 'Wireless Controller'. Unfortunately, the DualSense would not respond to any input after connecting.

The PlayStation 5 console officially launches on November 12th in North America and on November 19th in Europe. The DualSense controller, alongside other PlayStation 5 accessories, are starting to show up at retailers and may be available for purchase right now.

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