PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals For U.K.

Fahad Arif

Black Friday deals are over but gamers can still grab the latest consoles by Sony and Microsoft with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals. The latest consoles are not getting many deals because the demand is high and most retailers are already out of stock.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals For U.K.

Cyber Monday deals for UK are flowing in fast with Black Friday deals fading away. UK retailers have some great deals and stuff in stock that can be pleasing, but you would have to grab it before the deals or stock runs out. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have just been launched and due to their huge demand there are unlikely going to be much deals for the consoles but few famous online retailers are offering PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals for UK. Have a look at these deals below:

PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday Deals:

PlayStation 4 is apparently the most demanded purchase right now at any store that offers a gaming section and that is why the console would not be getting much Cyber Monday Deals.

GameStop is offering one of the best deals in UK, a PlayStation 4 console at just £329, which is much cheaper from what the other retailers are offering.

Argos has no specific PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday deals but the retailer just got new shipment of PlayStation 4 consoles and it is selling various PlayStation 4 bundles. The normal edition PlayStation 4 console only is available at £349.99.

You can win a brand new PlayStation 4 from British retailer Phones 4u by entering its holiday prizes website.

Amazon UK is offering PlayStation 4 games with decreased prices for limited period only.


Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals:

All of the big retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop and others have already sold out the first Xbox One allocation that was provided by Microsoft so there are almost no Xbox One Cyber Monday deals.

Xbox Live market place is offering great discounts on the games below:

Far Cry Blood Dragon XBLA 75% off will be £2.50

Red Dead Redemption 75% off will be £5

The Witcher 75% off will be £5

Dark Souls 75% off will be £3.75

BattleBlock Theater XBLA 67% off will be £3.37

Rayman Origins 50% off will be £7.50

L.A. Noire 75% off will be £5

Fast and Furious: Showdown 75% off will be £7.50

Men in Black: Alien Crisis 75% off will be £5

Amazon UK has also decrease the prices at bit on Xbox One games and controller.

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