PlayStation 4 Allegedly Getting Massive Performance Boost – PS4 Xbox One Performance Gap will Extend

Next generation of video game consoles is all about data throughput and processing, and hardware performance. The two latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles seem pretty much up to the minute, and analysts predict that this generation of consoles might last longer but the way things are moving fast in the gaming industry, its seems like only regular performance boosts can keep the latest consoles alive.

Team ICE Allegedly Giving Sony's PlayStation 4 a Massive Performance Boost - Might be Difficult for Xbox One to Catch up

Definitely both Sony and Microsoft are well aware of this fact and while Microsoft is stuck in getting the Xbox One stuff right, Sony is reportedly preparing to jump even further by giving its latest console an equitable performance boost. If the things mentioned below are anywhere near to reality, Microsoft might want to tighten up its rigging and prepare for a much tough battle.

A recent batch of tweets from two well-known industry insiders called Thuway and Tidux hints towards a new change allegedly occurring in the next-gen console war between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Picked up by Gamepur,  a couple of days ago, Tidux furtively hinted some improvements and performance boost coming to the PlayStation 4; Sony's latest video game console.

The tweet got the attention of Thuway aka Ahsan Rasheed, who is also apparently familiar with this ongoing inside stuff. Replying to Tidux's tweet, Thuway said, "If the number you are giving me is true, than it really is game over Xbox One."

Exchanging tweets with another video games fan, Thuway then clarified that game over for Xbox One does not mean anything in terms of sales, it is the PlayStation 4 performance boost rumor that is surprising him: "I don't mean game over in terms of sales. I am talking about power. PS4 performance boost rumor is insane. I find it hard to swallow"

Thuway then also shared his thoughts on what will happen to Microsoft's Xbox One if the PlayStation 4 performance boost rumor fails fit in false corner: "But if it is true, the Xbox One to PS4 port differences will grow much larger if devs choose to make PS4 versions shine."

Going through the tweets that followed, it looks like both the industry insiders are hinting towards allegedly upcoming improvements and reported performance boost for PlayStation 4 by ICE team, and some new sparkling content that one of the veteran PlayStation video game development studios known as Naughty Dog is planning to display at upcoming E3 2014.

Not only these two industry insiders, but Jeremy Conard, Ex-IGN Editor also contributed to this discussion by replying to Tidux's tweet saying, "that’s what Sony should play at E3 when ND shows off the face melting work the ICE team has done"

For those who do not know much about ICE Team, it is one of the Sony's World Wide Studios' central technology groups. Naughty Dog is home to the ICE Team. Creating core and technically enhanced graphics technologies for first party titles published by Sony Computer Entertainment is the original purpose of the ICE Team.

Both Tidux and Thuway are known quite well for leaking important games related information before any official announcement is made about it, so I thought these tweets were worth a watch, but as there is nothing official that suggests something like PlayStation 4 performance boost, all this should be taken as nothing but a rumor.

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