Google Play Store May Soon Get A ‘Refresh’ Button To Check For Updates


Google is reportedly working on including a "refresh" button on its Play Store. It will help in checking for new updates for every app. With the inclusion of this new button, users will just have to go to the app's page on Play Store and tap on the refresh button to check for new updates.

The addition of refresh button is just the tip of the iceberg; Google is said to be working on more changes that will be introduced this year. The new refresh button could soon be rolled out to all users in a few months. For now, it is available to select users for testing purposes. Android Police have leaked an image of the experimental version of Play Store, as you can see below.

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The current version of the Play Store also checks for updates on a periodical basis and it also notifies the user whenever there is availability of an update, but it is not as prompt. Until now, in the absence of the refresh button users had to check for new updates by restarting the Play Store app. Now that Google is keen on introducing the refresh button, it would certainly become easier for users to check for the updates faster. For the users who wait for specific updates, this new feature could be a boon.

Google has still not revealed the timeline for rolling out the new feature. As seen in the leaked image, the refresh button looks neatly integrated and we can't see any downsides. We can expect Google to complete the testing within few months and make it available worldwide.

Besides, Google is also working on a variety of other features for the Play Store. The new interface is tipped to have an algorithm that allows users to sort the installed apps on the basis of size, name, and date of installation. Not only this, Google is also trying to clean the Play Store by removing the junk apps that violate privacy policy. In the coming months, we will get to see the new improved Play Store with nifty features and friendlier interface.