Pixel 7 Camera Glass is Shattering and No One Knows Why

Furqan Shahid
Pixel 7 Camera Glass is Shattering and No One Knows Why

It is not uncommon for smartphones to go through a myriad of issues. Everything ranging from build quality to software has become a common thing in the smartphone industry. But things can get weird whenever we see something that cannot easily be explained. In today's story, a lot of Pixel 7 users around the world are raising their concerns over the rear camera glass shattering.

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users are unhappy over shattering rear camera glass

Ideally, you could chalk this off as a lack of protection, but people who have used the phone with a case have also reported this, so it is not a matter of whether you are using a case. Also worth noting is that the standard Pixel 7 is not the only;y phone going through this issue, as owners of the Pro variant have also reported this happening.

You can look at some images below and see for yourself what type of damage people are going through with their phones.


The reports are available on various forums.

The structural integrity of the glass used on these cameras seems to be an issue. Some users have also reported how a drastic temperature change could be the reason behind the camera glass on the Pixel 7 shattering, but whatever the case, it does not look good.

Whatever the situation is, one can only hope that Google comes up with a remedy for this problem everyone is going through. Otherwise, if people are not getting replacement phones, this could very well turn into a class action lawsuit, and Google certainly doesn't want one in hand considering how the Pixel 7 is actually a really good phone for Google in terms of reception.

How is your Pixel 7 holding up? Let us know in the comments below. Considering how the phone barely made it out of the durability test, this surely raises some concerns.  

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