Pixel 7 Pro Barely Makes it Out of the Durability Test

Furqan Shahid
Pixel 7 Pro Barely Makes it Out of the Durability Test

Durability tests are not always the right way to test just how solid or durable a phone is. But they do give us an insight as to what can be done regarding the phone and whether or not it can handle the stress of everyday life or not. The latest Pixel 7 Pro has now become the subject of one such durability test, and well, the results are not what you might expect.

You Might Want to Use a Good Case for Your Pixel 7 Pro if You Don't Want to Ruin the Phone

Phones need to be durable so they can survive years without breaking or running into other issues pertinent to structural integrity. Our favorite Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything decided to take Pixel 7 Pro for a spin and see just how well it goes against a durability test that you can look into below.

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If you go through the entire video, you will realize that the good news is simply not there. Zack put the phone through the usual treatment that every other phone goes through and the phone barely survived.

We start by seeing scratches showing up on the metal camera bump a few minutes after it has been unboxed. The display survives the scratch test, scoring the typical six and seven on Moh's scale of hardness. The camera bump, however, does not do well and picks up an awful lot of scratches from almost everything.

if you think you are okay with the scratches, you should watch the video a bit further and go to the bend test. Zach takes the Pixel 7 Pro through the standard bend test and the phone suffers from a break near the antenna line under the camera bar, and that is your first sign of trouble.

“The Pixel 7 Pro does not snap in half nor break catastrophically, but Google is definitely snuggling up a little too close to that Nexus 6P standard of structural integrity,” Zach mentioned in his video.

Thankfully, the phone did not snap in half but the level of durability does nothing to inspire confidence. If you want to go ahead and use the phone, I'd highly advise putting on a case to protect the phone from bending unnaturally.
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