Pixel 4a Gets Restocked Again; Amazon’s ‘Best Seller’ Available for $349 for 128GB of Storage


When Google first launched the Pixel 4a, it didn’t take long for the mid-range to enlist itself as a member of the ‘Best Seller’ smartphones on Amazon. Unfortunately, it also didn’t take long for this model to go out of stock, but thankfully, the Pixel 4a is available to purchase once more and it comes in the unlocked variant only.

In terms of hardware, the Pixel 4a impresses for a mid-ranger because it sports a Snapdragon 730G, paired with 6GB RAM, as well as providing 128GB of non-expandable internal storage. This configuration is quite impressive for a device that’s as affordable as the Pixel 4a.

Another reason why you’d want the Pixel 4a is because of that camera. If you take a look at the early reviews and first impressions, the people that have got their hands on the mid-ranger and have taken it for a spin by testing out the optics are thoroughly impressed with the imaging results. They also say that it’s the best camera you can get for a $349 smartphone so if want something like this without spending too much money, the Pixel 4a is going to be your best bet.

Google also states that you can get a 24-hour battery life with the Pixel 4a and the company was also generous when it comes to the retail box contents because you’re getting an 18W USB-C charging brick to top up the battery. If you want to place an order, simply click on the link below and get started right away.

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