Photoshop for iPad Gets New ‘Select Subject’ Feature & Bug Fixes

Photoshop for iPad 5

Adobe has released a major new update to Photoshop for iPad today. This update brings the new Select Subject feature to the iPad, along with cloud documents performance improvements. Adobe has also fixed a number of bugs and user interface issues in this update.

Select Subject uses Adobe Sensei AI machine learning technology to help users automatically select subjects in a photo. This feature was originally released for Photoshop on desktop last year, but is now available on the iPad, with improved performance and better edge detection. Here is how Select Subject works as per Adobe:

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The results are driven by several Sensei AI and machine learning algorithms chained together, each optimized for different parts of the selection process. For example, one algorithm produces the selection, while another removes artifacts to make a sharp edge, etc

All this happens instantaneously, taking full advantage of the fast performance that iPad hardware offers. Despite the release, Adobe is still working on improving Select Subject for more types of subjects, specially with edges that include fur and hair. The company says that the same improvements will be released for both Photoshop for iPad and desktop.

Photoshop for iPad Select Subject

Other improvements include faster upload and download performance for cloud documents. The improvements will provide up to 90% upload and download speed for PSD files larger than 75mb. Improvements for smaller files will be released in future updates.

Adobe has also updated the dark mode setting in the app to follow the iPadOS global setting.

Here is the complete changelog from Adobe for the new Photoshop for iPad update:

  • Select Subject is now available within the selection tools menu - simply long-press or double-tap on the selection tool, and tap "Select Subject" to automatically draw an accurate selection around the main subject of your layer!
  • Major improvements to cloud documents have come, to optimize the upload and download of your files. Expect speed improvements when opening up your cloud documents in Photoshop.
  • The dark mode setting in the app can now be set to match with your iPadOS setting.
  • Many common bugs have been quickly squashed and fixed, including:
    • UI: tweaks to the UI to address layer thumbnails, dismissing popovers, refreshing while offline, and tool options
    • Brushing: fixed some instances where unwanted brush strokes appeared while masking, or brush strokes didn't appear when expected
    • Image placing: updated CC Libraries to sync folders properly, fixed issues with Adobe Stock licensed photos and watermarks
    • Type: fixed some instances of letter capitalization, issues on 'undo' action with new layers and Japanese text
    • Input: updated gaussian blur and touch shortcut tools to address keyboard and UI bugs
    • Miscellaneous: addressed some issues causing crashes on file opening, correct image dimensions, and split-screen view UI bugs

The app was originally released to harsh reviews by users. For a paid app, Photoshop for iPad lags behind competitors like Procreate and Affinity Photo. Adobe promised continuous improvements to the app, and this update is the first step towards many.

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Photoshop for iPad is available as a free 30-day trial, after which it costs $9.99 per month.

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