Phones will record and play 1080p thanks to Samsung!

The Motorola Droid 2 is able to record 720p videos and play them back successfully, but Samsung feels that there is still room for improvement thanks to a dual core CPU based on the ARM architecture of Mobile processors Samsung feels it will soon be able to play as high as 1080p on a smart phone! 1080p will mean BOTH recording and playback.

We can expect to see these processors by the end of this year in smartphones, tablets and netbooks, so far the processor has been codenamed "Orion"l The processor will use two ARM Cortex A9 architecture varients that run at a super fast (for portable technology at least) 1Ghz. Not only will this benefit the video playback and recording but it should help increase phone speed, applications speed and even efficiency of the phone and battery all together!

Here is a quote from the source

The hardware of the Samsung processor is based on a 45 nm production process and includes 32 KB of data cache, 32 KB of instruction cache as well as 1 MB L2 cache. While we have to wait to see what this processor is capable of, the pure specs are impressive and show that smartphone processors may soon be just as capable as netbook CPU.

Samsung said the processor will enable full HD video playback and recording at 1080p resolution, which is a huge step up from the 720p that is possible in today’s high-end smartphones. Also, we should remember that 1080p was a big challenge for mainstream desktop processors – and was not possible until the introduction of dual-core processors at the end of 2005 and capable discrete graphics cards at about the same time.

Even more stunning, Samsung says the chip will not just play 1080p, but will do that at a full 30 fps. Using a new graphics processor, which the company did not explain any further, the 3D graphics performance will jump by a factor of 5. A GPS unit is now directly integrated into the processor itself, there is a triple-interface controller, which means that Orion can run two screens and output data on a third screen such as a TV via on-chip HDMI 1.3a integration. In related news, Samsung also announced faster embedded NANF flash memory, which is built in 20 nm and stores 16 GB of data on a single chip. Conceivably, smartphones will integrate a dazzling 64 GB of integrated mass storage within 1 year: The new memory will be ready for mass production later this year, Samsung said.

If all this is really true this means that the iPhone 4 may soon be yesterdays news if these 1080p capable phones, tablets and netbooks do role out into the market! Considering the 4th Quarter of this year has long begun these processors can be implemented any time into upcoming smart phones.

Source: ConceivablyTech

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