Phone-brella: An Umbrella for Phone Users Will Keep You and Your Phones Dry

Rainy days can be quite annoying when you have to walk a long way or when it’s not your day, and if you’re like me then you probably hate rainy days! What makes it worse is that when you’re holding an umbrella you can’t operate anything that requires both hands, for instance something that we all use everyday, our smartphones. You have to decide whether to hold the umbrella or handle the phone you just can’t do both (unless you’re a mutant and have three hands). So this problem gave ideas to some geniuses to come up with an umbrella that will free both your hands and thus the Phone-brella was born.

Now you can use your smartphone in the rain without getting it wet

While rain pours down it is obviously very difficult to use the mobile, and it’s also not safe for you and the mobile both. The urge to look at and use your phone every once in a while is always there and at the same time keeping it safe is also essential. The remedy for all this is the Phone-brella which is quite a clever design; it has even won a Red Dot Design award. The design was thought of and created by the design wing of South Korean telecommunication giant KT.

So what exactly is this Phone-brella, well it is just like any other umbrella with just a little extra piece of plastic on its handle the makes room for the user’s hands to pass through and also support the umbrella in its place. The handle differs from a normal umbrella in such a way thay it doesn’t resemble a J rather it resembles an almost closed C with just enough space to get your hand out of the way. This handle design is nifty in a way that it allows the user to use both hands so a smartphone can be operated easily.

Get your hands on one as soon as you can because the Phone-brella is only here for a limited time by the Korean designers. So all avid smartphone users better order one as soon as possible. The design is smart and easy to use, it looks good, what is there not to like? No more standing under shades during rainy or sunny days to use your phones, you can now check emails and text while walking with the new Phone-brella. It is available in five colors: chic black, royal red, blossom red, classic grey and smoky grey, so it offers some good colors and hopefully it will come out in more colors soon enough.

Here the promo for the Phone-brella

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