Phillips releases the 439P9H – A 43-inch version of 499P9H monitor

Phillips launched the 499P9H SureWide monitor, an absolutely massive 49-Inch monitor with amazing features.

Philip's 439P9H has a resolution of 3840x1080 at an amazing 43-inches big!

Some of the monitor specifications and design choices include it being a fully curved display, a resolution of 5120x1440, is getting a smaller variant (smaller being vastly subjective here) this variant is only 8-inches smaller making the monitor a scarily big 43-inches big. The 439P9H monitor has a resolution of 3840x1080 which might be a drastic reduction in resolution but the monitor has some amazing features to compensate.

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Some of the features of this monitor are:

  • 100 Hz refresh rate
    • The 439P9H also offers adaptive sync making sure that there is no screen tearing or stuttering
    • This is 40 Hz faster than the 49-inch variant, which had a max refresh rate of just 60 Hz.
  • 4 ms response time
    • The 4 ms response time, while not the gaming standard of 1 ms is still more than good enough for productivity and for some light gaming.
  • 32:10 aspect ratio
    • This is an amazing and necessary setting for this huge monitor, this is a slightly different to common monitor that is 16:9 aspect ratio and is greater than the common ultrawide monitor's aspect ratio which is 21:9.
    • This aspect ratio makes this monitor feel large and allows you to fully utilize all 43-inches of the screen with no issue.
  • USB-C docking station in the monitor
    • The included USB-C docking station allows for a single cable connection to your laptop and increases the I\O ports of your laptop.
    • This docking station also allows you to charge your laptop, plug in Gigabit ethernet and has a headphone jack as well.
  • built-in KVM switch
    • This monitor does come with a built-in KVM switch which means if you need to have all the attached peripherals switch over to another computer which is connected, you can easily do that.
  • built-in Webcam
    • The built-in webcam isn't easily seen from any of the promotional material, but the reason why is that it actually pops out of the monitor making it easier to hide away when un-needed.
    • If going by the 49-inch variant, the webcam will be a 1080p 2.0 Megapixel webcam that is compatible with Windows Hello

If you are in Europe, you can pick this monitor up for €979 at some of your local retailers, or online. While if you are in the United States this isn't available for you yet but since the 49-inch variant is available on Amazon, this monitor should be available sometime 2020 most likely for the price of roughly $850 - 900.

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