Phil Spencer Talks About Cross-play, Improving Xbox One’s UI Speed, DX12 and 4K Support


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, has once again taken to Twitter to answer to fans, where some interesting answers were given.

In response to a fan asking whether more smaller studios will bring their games to Xbox One following DX12 implementation, Phil Spencer replied that having DX12 and Xbox Live to both Windows 10 and Xbox One, helps studios that want their titles on both platforms.

Regarding the Phantom Dust reboot, Spencer stated that because of the studio change for the new title, development was delayed, and more time will be required to make sure that is done properly.

After a user made a suggestion regarding achievements on the Xbox One, Spencer suggested that the request should be put up on

Spencer also explained that speeding up the UI is high on their lists of improvements, after a fan asked whether the use of DX12 in the dashboard will help in this regard.

Phil Spencer, also stated that Cross-play is a feature that a lot of studios want to implement in their games especially for co-cop, which is quite exciting news, seeing as it could mean more cross-platform titles between the two systems.

In reply to a fan asking whether there is a possibility of 4K support coming for the Xbox One UI, Spencer replied that the user should definitely post the request, as it's worth looking into as 4K TVs become more widespread.

Phil Spencer humbly replied to a fn praising him for Xbox one being so awesome, that he did not do anything. Rather it was the developers that create great games and the gamers who play them and give them feedback that truly help in improving the platform.

Phil Spencer also explained that dashboard will be fully DX12 capable and will be able to take full advantage of platform features.


Some of this information is indeed interesting, especially the cross-play reply from Phil Spencer, as it could indicate that some cross-platform titles are already in the works for both Windows 10 and the Xbox one. Certainly a lot more details will be revealed during Microsoft's E3 2015 press conference, where some very exciting announcements will be made.

We will bring you more information on Microsoft, the Xbox One and DX12, as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime be sure to check out our previous coverage fo more , here and here.