Microsoft – ID@Xbox Director Talks About Windows 10 and E3

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ID@Xbox Director Chris Charla, in an interview with TiC Podcast shared his thoughts on No Man's Sky, which is scheduled to launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC. He stated that he “would love to see it on the Xbox One” He also stated that they have a lot of titles to reveal at E3, but shared no more information.

“In terms of stuff that we want to announce at E3, I don’t want to be a jerk but you have to wait till E3. We always have some stuff to talk about at E3.”

In regards to Windows 10, he explained that Microsoft plans to bring some of the older Xbox and PC games to the platform, that may feature cross-play between the Xbox and PC versions

“In terms of Windows 10, one of the big things we announced at GDC is ID@Xbox is going to expand and is going to cover Windows 10 as well. On Xbox we helped developers to get dev kits for free, get through the whole publishing process. On Windows 10, you obviously don’t need a dev kit since you are going to use the PC but we are going to help developers with Xbox Live, from Gamerscore and achievements and of course cross play, if they want to do it between Xbox One and Windows 10 version. I do think there will be a good number of titles, that were PC titles, will be coming to Windows 10 store which were previously standard desktop applications and hopefully we will also see games that started life on Xbox to also go to Windows 10 and potentially have cross play too."

Charla explains that they don't mind the exclusivity on other platforms, but instead ask from developers on the case of a time exclusive, is to offer something extra when they eventually bring their title to the Xbox One, to entice Xbox owners to purchase the game.

“We totally understand, especially for a smaller developer, one or three person shop but if someone is coming through ID@Xbox policy and they are like ‘I need to ship these games serially like I can’t ship all the console versions on the same day’, we totally understand that and we are completely happy to work with people on that kind of thing. But if somebody takes money for exclusivity for another platform or ships the game on another platform or does not ship on the Xbox, you know long time later or several months later they decide to ship on Xbox, all we ask is that they add something to the game to make it fresh for Xbox players. So Xbox players will get something fresh when they download the game. Our goal is to make sure that if the developer wants to ship the game on Xbox, they can ship the game on the Xbox One. That is the ultimate bottom line.”


Where is Microsoft's renewed dedication to PC?

It seems a little disappointing that no mention of new titles was made in regards to Windows 10. Microsoft plans to bring some older Xbox titles, but what about new ones. Apart from Fable Legends nothing else has been revealed, that will be making its way to Windows 10 and DX12. Although it was mentioned that Fable Legends was only one of many titles coming from Microsoft studios on the platform.

Lets hope that some of the new titles that are revealed at E3 2015, as well as some older ones like Forza and Forza Horizon 2, eventually make it to the PC. Rare is also said to have multiple projects in development, and will have some announcements at the event. Battletoads and Banjo Kazooie, two of the most beloved franchises of old are said to make a return.

We will bring you any new information for Xbox One and  Microsoft, as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime be sure to check out our previous coverage for more information here and here.



Source: GamingBolt

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