Phil Schiller Talks About The Soon To Launch HomePod And The Tech Behind It


Apple has recently announced the launch date of its Siri-powered smart speaker, HomePod. While resting in the development phase for a long time, the company has finally revealed when the smart speaker will be available to the general public. At just the right time before the launch, Apple is trotting the executives of its company for press interviews in order to acquaint users regarding the smart speaker. Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller sat down with the Sound and Vision blog to talk about the company's HomePod smart speaker. So let's dive in to see what details have the company executive shared.

Phil Schiller Details Various Aspects Of The Smart Speaker In New Interview

Phil Schiller shared quite a bunch of details on the HomePod. For the first question, "Why HomePod?" the company said that it compiles everything that Apple has been working on in order to deliver the best music experience at home. Apple's engineering team have been working beyond boundaries to get the best of the quad-speaker system on the iPad Pro and the AirPods.

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Apart from this, Apple's music streaming service is expanding and adding a lot more to the collection. Now that Siri is getting pretty smart as well, there are whole new ways of discovering music based on your personal likes. Everything combined, great hardware technology and best software experience, you get the company's HomePod.


Furthermore, Phil Schiller also talks about some of the features packed in HomePod. In addition to this, he also talked about the spatial awareness functionality that ensures great music quality despite the size and form factor of the smart speaker.

From the moment you plug in HomePod and start listening to music, it automatically and instantly senses its location in the room to take full advantage of the environment it’s in. The microphone array in HomePod listens to the reflection of the music off neighboring surfaces, senses where the bookshelf is, or if it’s in the corner of a room or against a wall, and then uses machine learning to understand what it’s hearing, interpret the sound, and adjust the audio. Using advanced software and the A8 chip, HomePod intelligently beams center vocals and direct energy away from the wall while reflecting the ambient reverb and back-up vocals against the wall for dispersion into the room. The end result is a wide soundstage with a feeling of spaciousness and depth.

Siri's integration with Apple Music will also play a major role in the personalized experience of HomePod. For instance, a user can simply say that he or she likes a specific song in order to like a song being played on the HomePod. There's a lot that HomePod and Apple Music can do together and it's definitely exciting that the music streaming service has now received a dedicated platform.

HomePod uses advanced machine learning techniques including deep neural networks (DNNs) optimized for the hardware to detect “Hey Siri” in challenging environments. The detection of “Hey Siri” happens on the device, so nothing is being sent to Apple until that trigger is detected and the Siri waveform lights up. At that time, the request is sent to Apple using an anonymous Siri ID, and of course that communication is all encrypted. We’re able to do this because we designed audio technology, advanced software, and Siri to work together as one system.

In the interview, Phil Schiller has also revealed that Siri responds to more than two million requests every week. There are a whole bunch of aspects that the company executive talks about in his interview, so do check them out as well. Apple's HomePod is available for pre-orders and deliveries will commence from February 9, the same time that the company has set the launch for.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tinned in for more details. As for now, what are your thoughts on Apple's HomePod smart speaker? Would you be willing to get one for yourself? Share your views with us in the comments.

News Source: SoundandVision

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