Payday 2 Heist DLC Announced


Payday 2 is a sleeper game I'd say. It's been around for almost two years now and it's been quite the nice surprise of a game. Now Starbreeze is going to be releasing even more awesome content for their tactical crime shooter. DJ Alesso will be collaborating on this new Heist DLC project, with original music made just for it.

Payday 2 Heist DLC featuring music from DJ Alesso will be available this May on Steam.

The upcoming DLC pack for Payday 2 will be co-designed by DJ Alesso with original music from one of his upcoming albums. The heist itself will take place during a DJ Alesso concert, though the specific details of the heist have yet to be announced, but the setting itself could allow for any number of different scenarios.

“I’m a huge gaming fan. Starbreeze asked me to do my own piece of the game and appear in the game itself and it was an immediate yes from me.  PAYDAY was created with the animation and my live shows in mind, both of which feature in the game… a sort of animation sonic creation.  It was a great experience for me and gaming is big for a lot of my fans so it was another great way to put my album into their world.”

With the new DLC comes a new long range weapon, new melee weapons, new masks and of course four new achievements for the achievement hunters out there.

Payday 2 continues to surprise me in how well it's put together. Thankfully 505 Games has been absolutely committed to the future of their game, citing that they'll never give up on it. They have a relatively unique game on the PC that has an almost cult-like following.

"We'll never stop making Payday,"

Despite the absolute ridiculous onslaught of law-enforcement and actions that seem to take hours to complete when robbing an area, the game is still full of excitement as you try to defend your operation. The Diesel 2.0 Engine also looks quite fantastic, rendering DC in fascinating detail.

Look for the new DLC this May on Steam for $6.99.