Patent Filed Application Could Point to the Dual-Camera in Galaxy S8


With Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus featuring a dual-camera, I believe Galaxy S8 will finally come with this much-awaited feature, and could become the first handset is the history of Samsung’s Android smartphone family to sport a dual-camera configuration. The latest patent filed provides a great degree of info for us so let us dive right in and see what sort of magic can we expect from this dual-camera.

Patent Filing Shows Users Could Be Able to Control Galaxy S8 Camera Interface With a One-Finger Gesture

Now the problem isn’t implementing a dual-camera upgrade on a smartphone, but it’s the software that needs to be convenient to help you to capture images with a lot of pace. Using a smartphone camera to take an image normally does not involve extra time since all you need to do is whip it out of your pocket, open the camera app and begin your shooting spree. Though manual controls are important in a smartphone camera’s app, it should also be just as easy as shooting instantaneous images from the device as well.

According to the patent that was filed on September 13, you can see a camera interface with improved zoom control. Similar to the one-finger exposure control Samsung currently uses in its camera app, zooming in and out can be a one-finger gesture as well. Currently, the zoom can be controlled by pinch-to-zoom, or assigned to the volume keys, as it has been for several years. Now according to Sam Mobile, why would there be a patent in which Samsung would be trying to improve the camera’s zoom control? Most likely to introduce a dual-camera upgrade inside its Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, you should take this information and patent filing with a grain of salt, since everything is speculative at this time.

When we have more concrete details for you, we’ll naturally provide you with more details on the matter. Galaxy S8 has also been rumored to be shipped out without a 3.5mm headphone jack, but as stated earlier, we’ll keep you in the loop.