You can now be a part of the E3 audience thanks to your PS3 see how

With E3 drawing closer and closer Sony has revealed that there IS a way for those of us who either are too far away to enjoy E3 or can't go to it now have an option to get the next best thing you will be able to access E3 LIVE and be able to watch Sony's Keynote scheduled for Tuesday, June 7 at 12pm Pacific Time

a picture of the virtual booth from PlayStation Home on E3 2010.

All you need is to download and install PlayStation Home right now which is free to download and install on your PS3, Sony did something similar at last years E3 and surprisingly the turnout for the virtual crowd was more than the number of real people at the E3 conference.

This is a pretty amazing feature of the PlayStation 3 and is really useful to those who wanna don't wanna miss out on the E3 action (especially Sony's Keynote).


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