Bid Goodbye to Parking Woes with This Nifty New Feature Coming to Google Maps

The best thing about Google is that it keeps working on improving its services by introducing nifty features. Especially for Google Maps, the tech giant is continually awarding it new features that make our lives easier. Keeping up with its habit, Google would soon roll out an on-site parking search feature that would end your parking woes.

Last month, Google Maps got a parking related feature that primarily focussed on reminding you where your car is parked and how much time is left for the parking meter to go off. Now, an upcoming parking feature would enlighten you about the on-site parking facility at your destination. It will let you plan in advance if the destination's on-site parking is paid or free. A report by Android Police states that Google Maps 9.51 beta version has the feature, which means that Google might roll it out in a universal update.

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For all those wondering how it will work, here's the information - the new feature appears under the "details" option of Google Maps when you select a destination, under the address, you will see the information regarding the on-site parking at your destination. If the parking is free, it will indicate "free," and for paid it will show "paid," but without displaying the actual cost.

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In addition, there is also an “On-site” indicator that shows the difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Limited, and On-site) of the parking facility at your destination. This information appears next to time and distance details on the map. All this means that when you enter your destination, the new feature will only tell you whether there is an on-site free or paid parking. It will not inform you whether the parking is full or vacant. However, you can work your way around by typing the nearest destination and looking up for an on-site parking there.

The report by Android Police also states that Google is going to make the feature even niftier by introducing additional features. One such feature would let users plan their trip around parking spots near their destination. This feature would scan the nearby parking lots around your destination and let you choose one; it will then show you the walking duration from the car park to your destination. We think that this feature would work well for famous spots around the city.

What's your take on this new feature? Do you think it will end your parking woes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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