Paragon Introduces its Latest Hero, the Pop Star Shinbi


Put on a killer performance. Epic Games just released the trailer for the newest hero for their sci-fi MOBA, Paragon, now available on PC and PS4.

Shinbi is a melee assassin who uses spectral wolves to disorient her opponents before closing in for the kill. Shinbi is also a great harasser, but you may want to think twice before engaging in prolonged duels. The singer is best when trying to finish off an opponent who's on the ropes.

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Below are Shinbi's active and passive abilities. The second trailer gives us a rundown on how to properly use the pop princess in battle.

  • Rushing Beat (RMB/R1) - Shinbi dashes forward passing through enemies and dealing damage, she can also re-trigger quickly after to dash again
  • Line Tempo (Q/Square) - A Spirit Wolf is summoned and runs out in a straight line, passing through minions and dealing damage. The wolf explodes on contact with an enemy Hero
  • Circle Rhythm (E/Circle) - Shinbi summons four Spirit Wolves that circle her for 4 seconds, which deal damage and heal Shinbi for each hit
  • All-Kill! (R/Triangle) -  Passive: All of Shinbi’s abilities apply +1 Spirit Wolf stack per hit to enemy Heroes, building up to eight stacks. Active: When activated a pack of Spirit Wolves attack the closest target with the highest number of Wolf stacks, sending one Wolf per stack.

Epic Games also released a list of 2016 milestones they've achieved for Paragon. By the looks of it, it seems like Paragon is here to stay.

  • Paragon is growing! There are now 5.7 million registered players.
  • Released 25 Heroes in 2016.
  • Shipped 132 updates since March.
  • Introduced a bunch of features, including draft mode, improved matchmaking, and card crafting.
  • Shipped Monolith. New map, new balance, and a new version of Paragon.
  • There were 832,000 active players in January, up from 650,000 in November before the release of Monolith. There are also 44% more players playing each week - meaning more players are playing more often.
  • Since Monolith, matches that end in a surrender are down by 17% and we’re working to reduce that further. Progress!

Shinbi will be playable on February 21st for free. Paragon is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC.