Paragon Intro & Tutorial Gameplay Video Shows Epic MOBA Action


Paragon gameplay has surfaced online, and gives a quick overview of the game in its current state.

The gameplay comes from intro and tutorial video for Paragon Alpha testers, and is the first online test for Epic's MOBA.

Paragon was announced by Epic Games during the Playstation Experience earlier this month, and is coming to both PC and PS4. Before the event, Epic already teased their upcoming title with a teaser trailer, which can be seen below.

Yesterday we already reported that developer Epic is aiming for 60 frames per seconds on PS4. On top of that, PS4 players will be able to use keyboard & mouse. On PC, the top player within the team is allowed to use a controller.

Paragon Online Test 1 Footage shows MOBA in action

Check out the Paragon Online test down below:

As said, Paragon was announced earlier this month, and developer Epic is confident that the game offers an unique experience for MOBA players.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Epic’s executive producer John Wasilczyk, talked about Paragon, and the producer was asked what would be a successful experience for him. Wasilczyk pointed out that there are so many pieces that are unique to a MOBA games, but there isn’t a game out there like Paragon.

"There isn’t a game out there that bridges the experience like Paragon, where you can have the cool choices you make in a MOBA, but in an action game world done in the way Epic does action games. That to me is the success and that’s the fun", Wasilczyk told Gamespot.

Hopefully, Paragon can establish itself between the amazingly popular MOBA's such as League of Legends, DOTA, and the recently released Heroes of the Storm.

Paragon is coming to PC and PS4 somewhere in 2016, and puts players in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice.