Microsoft’s Panos Panay to Reflect Surface 3 Success in Windows Phone and Other Products

As Surface lineup experiences continued growth in the consumer markets, so does the person responsible for its engineering - Panos Panay. The Corporate Vice President in charge of Surface is now taking on a bigger role following Stephen Elop's leaving the company. In an attempt to reflect the success that Panay managed to get for Surface, he will now be responsible over engineering efforts for all the Microsoft's premium products.

Panos Panay: from $1 billion write-down to premium products' engineering...

Panay didn't have a smooth ride while building Surface lineup. He built as many as six Surface tablets before it was positively accepted and loved by the consumers and press. During this progress, his team costed Microsoft nearly $1 billion back in 2013 as the company announced a $900 million write-down. "When you look at that write-down and that moment, it was, of course, humbling," said a teary-eyed Panay in an interview with CNN earlier this year.

It seems like good days have finally come for Panay as he accepts a bigger role for Microsoft. He will now be taking on the engineering of all the Microsoft premium devices, including:

  • Surface
  • Windows Phone
  • Xbox Console
  • Surface Hub Conferencing System
  • Microsoft fitness band
  • HoloLens augmented-reality glasses

While he won't be responsible for finance, supply chain or marketing, engineering responsibilities of all the aforementioned products will certainly help the maker of Microsoft's star-product reflect the success in other products, especially as the company aims to focus more on high-end flagship Windows Phones. As Microsoft announced its Q4 FY15 earnings yesterday, we saw a whopping 117% increase in revenue of Surface products. Carrying that success, Redmond is certainly expecting similar results from its other premium products as Panay takes over the engineering of several more products.

"We go full speed, and sometimes we might be going in the wrong direction -- and that's OK," Panay had commented earlier this year. He also seems to never forget the billion dollar write-down that his team had received from Microsoft. Panay aims to lead the team learning from both the failures and successes as he says that the "balance of learning has made us feel really good going into the next product."

"If you fail, this company is amazing," praising Microsoft Panos Panay commented. "Microsoft has been so amazing and not once wavering on its commitment to making amazing products. Not once." Seems like the love is mutual when it comes to Microsoft and Panay.


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