PALIT To Reintroduce NVIDIA Pascal GPU Based P106 Crypto Mining Graphics Cards

NVIDIA's board partners are getting ready to reintroduce one of the most popular crypto mining GPUs based on the Pascal architecture, the P106. The P106 was launched all the way back in 2017 during the first mining boom and moved large quantities of the GP106 GPU, so much that NVIDIA ended up with an abundance of inventory that needed to be cleared out after the market crashed.

PALIT Seemingly Readies 12 NVIDIA Pascal GPU Based P106 Graphics Cards For Crypto Mining

The NVIDIA P106 GPUs from Palit were listed over at EEC and include 12 graphics card models. But we know that these listings are preliminary and not all variants make it to the final release. Coming to the specifications, there are two variants of the P106 GPU, the P106-90, and the P106-100.

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The P106-90 is the cut-down variant which features 640 CUDA cores and 3 GB of GDDR5 memory while the P106-100 variant features 1280 CUDA cores and 6 GB of GDDR5 memory. All models that have been listed are based on the NVIDIA P106-90 Pascal GPU which restricts it from mining ETH or Ethereum cryptocurrency due to lack of VRAM. But there are several other coins that this GPU can be used to mine. Videocardz has a nice chart that shows the mining rate of each mining GPU that has been released to date (or releasing in the future).

The NVIDIA P106 Pascal GPU-based graphics cards will feature standard PCBs with custom cooling designs. Like NVIDIA's official CMP lineup, they also lacked display connectors so they cannot be re-sold in the used graphics market and are solely designed for crypto mining.

Surely those after ETH or BTC currencies won't find these cards that great of a deal but if PALIT also offers the NVIDIA P106-100 solution, then that could sell like hot cakes in the mining segment. Having that variant will also give gamers some room the breathe as miners can go after older GPUs, leaving the existing line of graphics cards for them to purchase.

News Source: PCGamer

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