NVIDIA’s CMP Crypto Mining GPUs Detailed – 90HX Based on Ampere GA102 While 50HX, 40HX & 30HX Based on Turing GPUs

The CMP series has been talked about a lot, but no one really knows what the GPUs are actually based on, aside from the official information that NVIDIA has posted. VideoCardz has just worked with a close source to confirm the specifications of the silicon on the CMP series cards and it looks like only the top variant will be featuring the Ampere architecture while the rest will be based on the Turing design.

NVIDIA's Dedicated Crypto Mining CMP 90HX GPU Based on Ampere GPU, Rest Based on Turing GPU Architecture

The NVIDIA CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) series of GPUs were announced a few weeks back in a bid to tackle miners from grabbing GeForce gaming GPUs. Four GPU variants were announced with the sub-40 MH/s designs launching this quarter followed by the higher-end designs in Q2 2021. But we never got to know what the exact specifications of these GPUs were until now. In addition to the source, Kopite7kimi also unveiled the exact GPU configurations for the CMP lineup which we have detailed below.

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The NVIDIA CMP 90HX is the only card of the four to feature the Ampere Architecture based on Samsung's 8nm processor. The card is based on the PG132 board and has GA102-100 GPU. The board is actually the same as the board for the RTX 3080. On top of that, it will also have 320W and 10GB, but the memory type is unknown. It is likely that while the core specifications will be slightly different than the GeForce counterparts, the memory configurations will remain the same but still, that remains to be seen.

NVIDIA's CMP Crypto Mining GPUs Detailed - 90HX Based on Ampere GA102 While 50HX, 40HX & 30HX Based on Turing GPUs

The NVIDIA CMP 90HX launches in Q2 2021 and will feature a price slightly lower than the GeForce RTX 3080 but will lack some essential features such as display connectors and most probably disabled GPU units which are not required for crypto mining which means they will end up being useless after their mining life has ended.

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NVIDIA CMP 50HX, 40HX, 30HX With Turing GPUs

The NVIDIA CMP 30HX, 40HX, and 50HX are all based on the Turing architecture featuring 12nm silicon. The 50HX is based on the TU102 GPU-100 GPU and has a board very similar to the PG150 seen on the RTX 2080 Ti. It features 10GB of memory. The 40HX is based on the TU106-100 GPU and the PG161 board. It features 8GB of memory. The 30HX is based on the TU116-100 and PG161 board. It features 6GB of memory. The 30HX and 40HX have both been confirmed through the driver update. The 50HX and 90HX are both expected to launch in Q2 of this year.

The specifications of the NVIDIA CMP Turing mining card are also not going to be very comparable to their gaming counterparts and even those specifications aren't fully set in stone. The CMP cards can be expected to feature some form of nonfunctional or broken Tensor, RT, TMUs, or ROPs. This doesn't allow for the cards to be gaming graphics cards but does allow them to be implemented in mining grade cards.

ModelGPUBoardMemoryPower RatingEthereum Hash RateAvailability
CMP 30HXTU116-100 PG161 SKU 90 6GB GDDR6125W26 MH/sMarch 2021
CMP 40HXTU106-100 PG161 SKU 100 8GB GDDR6185W36 MH/sMarch 2021
CMP 50HXTU102-100 PG150 SKU 100 10GB GDDR6250W45 MH/sQ2 Of 2021
CMP 90HXGA102-100
PG132 SKU 100
10GB GDDR6X320W86 MH/sMay 2021
CMP 100HXGV100-***TBATBA250W81 MH/sTBA
CMP 170HXGA100-100P1001 SKU ***8 GB HBM2e250W164 MH/sQ3 2021
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