Pair Bluetooth Speakers And Headphones With Apple TV 4 – How To

Uzair Ghani

Here's how you can pair a set of Bluetooth headphones or speakers with your Apple TV 4 for a much better listening experience.

The Apple TV has been around for years and the company has made a ton of changes to the hardware to refine the overall experience and bring it all the way to the place in which it is today. From the software to the hardware, everything is now brand new, with the Apple TV 4 proving itself to be a powerhouse of a set-top box all thanks to its capabilities and especially underlying software, tvOS.

While the Apple TV 4 is good as is, things get even better when you come to realize that you expand your experience by adding things to the set-top box, such as a pair of Bluetooth speakers or headphones, giving you a truly immersive audio experience on top of video if you so wish.

Connect Your Bluetooth Speakers Or Headphones To Apple TV 4 For A Better Audio Experience

1. From your Apple TV 4 home screen, launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and open 'Remotes and Devices.'

3. Under 'Other Devices,' you'll see an option labelled 'Bluetooth.' Open that up as well.

4. At this point, put your Bluetooth headphones or speakers in 'Discoverable' mode so that it can be paired with the Apple TV 4. This can usually be achieved by pressing and holding the 'Bluetooth' button on your audio device. Of course, this can be different depending on the manufacturer.

5. Once in discoverable mode, your audio device will show up on the Apple TV 4. Simply select it using the remote.

That's it, you're done. All the audio will now be routed straight to your Bluetooth speakers or headphones. And the best part is - you can control the volume directly from the Siri Remote. Isn't that cool? Indeed it is.

Want to remove your Bluetooth speaker or headphone from your paired devices on Apple TV 4? It's simple. Simply select your device from Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth and then select 'Forget Devices.' Do keep in mind that you have to re-pair your device using the above mentioned steps if you're opting to 'forget' the device.' If not, then you can simply reconnect your headphones or speakers by powering them on. Magic.

We recommend that you get a good pair of Bluetooth speakers if you're planning to get the most out of its audio related capabilities. After all, the set-top box does pack Apple Music for users to enjoy, and what better way to get the most of it by hooking up your Apple TV 4 with a set of awesome Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

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