More Overclocked GeForce GTX 660 Ti Benchmarks Leaked – Hits 1020MHz Core and 1098MHz Boost Clock


Benchmarks of NVIDIA's upcoming GTX 660Ti GPU are pouring in from everywhere and this time we get to see some more overclocked results of the card from ChinaDIY.

Technically, two cards were tested, One was a reference variant which ran at 915MHz/980MHz/1502MHz (Core/Boost/Memory) clock while the other is an overclocked variant which ran at 1020MHz/1098MHz/1502MHz clock speeds.

Now the overclocked models matches the exact specifications and clocks of the recently leaked MSI GTX 660Ti Power edition GPU so we can assume that this is the same GPU. Well the users don't wish to show the exact vendor but atleast we can see what kind of performance to expect from factory overclocked models which would retail around $329.

3DMARK 11 Xtreme Mode:

GTX 660Ti @ 1020/1098/1502MHz - X2833

GTX 660Ti @ 915/980/1502MHz -  X2618

3DMARK 11 Performance Mode:

GTX 660Ti @ 1020/1098/1502MHz - P8852

GTX 660Ti @ 915/980/1502MHz -  P8042

There you have it! It is also confirmed that GTX 660Ti uses the GK104-300-A2 chip which features 1344 cores, 24ROPs and a 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit memory). Three additional midrange GPU's based off the GK107/GK106 core are expected to launch in September, More details here.