OPPO Plans to Break Into the United States Before the End of 2016


Several China-based smartphone manufacturers have displayed intentions to break into the United States for several reasons and it looks like OPPO can be a part of that list as well. OPPO isn’t a stranger to this market at all, and it plans to open up a whole new revenue stream by officially selling smartphones in this country.

OPPO Hasn’t Released an Exact Release Date to Start Selling Phones – Aims to Complete the Objective Before the End of 2016

According to sources close to the matter, OPPO is not a stranger to the US market because the company was the number one vendor of Blu-ray players in this market previously, and seeing as how it has managed to garner a respectable market share as far as smartphones go, what better way to make its entry than by tapping into the market which generates the highest amount of revenue as far as smartphone sales go. OPPO’s lineup of Android-powered devices cater to selfie junkies, as it aims to perfect the front-camera sensor to help users improve the quality taken from this camera.

Which apps like Instagram and Snapchat extremely popular amongst the youth, OPPO should continue to improve both its camera sensors to find adequate success in this market, which is currently dominated by Samsung and Apple. OPPO has over 1,100 patents related to photographic technology, and about 200 of them have been registered globally. Once again, the report states that the manufacturer is expected to grab a higher market share due to its propensity to release camera-eccentric handsets. OPPO has had a good run in different markets as well.

It shipped over 25 million smartphones in the third quarter of 2016, and with this tally, became the fourth largest smartphone vendor globally with a 7 percent share, trailing behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei. OPPO is definitely going to have a ton of competition in its path, especially from China-based smartphone Juggernaut Huawei, which is excepted to sell over 100 million smartphones in 2017.

With aggressive pricing and improving its user interface, not to mention the promise of future updates, OPPO can do fairly well in the market. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.