OPPO Expected to Unveil Breakthrough Smartphone Camera Tech at MWC 2017


OPPO has had a terrific smartphone sales run in 2016, reporting a 122 percent YoY increase and it isn’t surprising that the company is not going to stop improving its devices. The latest teaser shows that the manufacturer aims to heavily improve the smartphone’s camera functionality, and that will definitely happen at this year’s MWC 2017.

Latest OPPO Teaser Shows That the Smartphone’s Camera Tech Will Be Boasting 5x Zoom Functionality

The teaser given below shows the term ‘5x’ on the poster and while that could mean a lot of things, the Chinese OEM has already provided an explanation through typical marketing taglines. The company will most likely be showing off a new form of smartphone camera tech at MWC 2017 where a phone could boast five times the zoom functionality (via TechCrunch). However, keep in mind that it has not been detailed if the zoom functionality will be a digital or optical zoom.

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Let us differentiate between the two. An optical zoom is a true zoom lens and is similar to the lens that you use on a film camera. This results in lossless image quality after you have snapped an image with the zoom function enabled. However, with digital zoom, the role of the lens does not come into play, but it is rather the function of the in-camera image processing that is doing all the magic inside the device. While this is a great feature to have, it will result in severe loss of image quality.

We believe that OPPO will be teasing a camera technology that’s similar to the telephoto lens setup present at the rear side of the iPhone 7 Plus. The phablet is able to provide 2x zoom functionality without degrading that image quality but what OPPO could be telling us is that its camera tech could take that zoom functionality up to 5x, which sounds really exciting and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us at MWC 2017.

The company has already heavily improved fast-charging tech with something they like to call VOOC and it looks like we will be looking at improved smartphone photography and videography in the near future.