OnePlus Nord N200 is Available for Free Through T-Mobile

OnePlus Nord N200 is Available for Free Through T-Mobile

Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced its new promotion that was essentially a way to get people to use 5G even more. They did offer 5G phones to anyone in exchange for a working phone of any type and from any year. This promotion is going to last until the need of this year. For those wondering, T-Mobile offered the Galaxy A32 as the free mobile; however, starting today, they will start offering the OnePlus Nord N200, reports the source.

T-Mobile Will Give You a Free OnePlus Nord N200 if You Can Commit to Its Network for Two Years

Now, you might be wondering what the catch here is. Well, for starters, T-Mobile wants you to stick to the services that they are offering. This means that you will get this phone for free via bill credits for the next two years. However, if you decide to leave T-Mobile before that two-year period is finished, you will owe T-Mobile whatever unpaid balance there is.

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You have to know that this promotion is valid for new and current subscribers. If you are already with T-Mobile and need a new phone, this is your way of getting the new phone. You can walk into a T-Mobile store with an old phone and walk out with a brand new phone if you are looking for a phone.

OnePlus Nord N200 is a great phone for the price, really. If you are looking for affordable and good internal specs and great hardware and software support, then this is the one that you should be going for. Granted, you are not getting the flagship level of specs that you might be getting, but if someone walked up to me and offered me a free phone, I would not think twice and jump carriers.

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