OnePlus Nord Durability Test Shows a Fragile Plastic and Glass Sandwich

Furqan Shahid
OnePlus Nord Durability Test Shows a Fragile Plastic and Glass Sandwich

The OnePlus Nord definitely managed to catch a lot of attention ever since it started leaking right after the release of OnePlus 8 series of devices. The Nord was supposed to balance the scale and provide the fans of the company to have an option between higher-end and more expensive devices, and mid-range devices with a lower price point.

Despite having a lower starting price point of just €399, the OnePlus Nord still manages to provide you with a pretty good package. You get the 5G capable Snapdragon 765G, up to 12 gigs of RAM, as well as 90Hz display, along with a pretty good camera setup as well. This makes one wonder if the company has cut corners elsewhere to keep the cost down, and it turns out that they have.

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OnePlus Nord Shatters in JerryRigEverything's Durability Test

Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything does not need an introduction as he has become the official go-to for all of us whenever we want to see a durability test. Although the tests that he provides are far from real-world use, it is still better to know whether or not your phone can survive the use. Well, in his durability test of the OnePlus Nord, the phone sadly did not survive. You can watch the video below.

Now, most of the device looks like its standard glass and metal sandwich that we are used to seeing. However, instead of opting for a metal frame, OnePlus has decided to opt for a plastic frame with metal-esque finishing on top. Some could say that it is just a deceiving tactic, but in all honesty, when you are getting so much goodness in a device, you are likely to have some corners cut.

During this durability test, the phone ends up first bending and then the frame and the screen breaks, rendering the phone completely useless. Again, the type of force applied here is very rare, so you are likely not going to face this situation, but if you are still worried, OnePlus does sell cases, and you can also go for 3rd party cases if you want to protect your phone from such issues.

Will you still be buying the OnePlus Nord after seeing this durability video? Let us know your thoughts below.

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