OnePlus 9 Pro Owners Claim That the Phones are Heating Up too Easily


It has only been a while since the OnePlus 9 Pro went official and we are starting to hear complaints about the phone popping up about the phone. The devices are finally reaching many customers around the world, and we are hearing reports about the phone overheating rather easily. Especially during the times when the camera is being used. This was reported by AndroidPolice, who also ran into similar issues. Thankfully, OnePlus is aware of the fix and has talked about how they will be addressing this in a series of updates in the coming weeks.

OnePlus 9 Pro Around the World are Heating Up and Camera Seems to be the Usual Suspect

At first, we thought that this is an isolated issue but the reports of the OnePlus 9 Pro heating up are widespread across the web including the official OnePlus forum. While the phones are heating up due to various reasons as per the reports, the most common culprit seems to point towards the camera. Even the camera app gives a warning about the temperature increasing, so it certainly gives more weight to the fact that the current software version needs to have some issues ironed out so the cameras work perfectly fine.

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You can see the tweet below in which the camera app is giving the error.


It is important to know that the concept of overheating phones is nothing new. This has excited in the smartphone world for as long as one can remember and has even gone out of hand in some cases.

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In most cases, overheating is linked to poor optimization and once that is ironed out, we doubt anything is going to happen, in the process. Whatever the case might be, at least OnePlus has acknowledged that the issue is there, and hopefully, there are going to fix this issue.

Now, we just have to wait and see if the issue is actually severe or it is just going to require a few fixes to be sorted out. We are hoping that this situation does not get out of hand or else it will turn into a scandal and those are never good.