OnePlus 8 Pro Will Have it Color Filter Camera Temporary Disabled

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro has found itself in a bit of a controversy that took place a few days ago. As reports started pouring out on how the colour filter camera on the phone can see through objects that do not have a thicker shield of plastic. Things were fine until more reports emerged of the same happening with fabrics. Users could see through the fabric to some extent. This started raising privacy concerns.

The latest news talks about how OnePlus will temporarily disable the color-filter camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro.

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OnePlus 8 Pro's Photochrome Mode Will be Disabled for the Time Being in an Upcoming Update

Before we talk more about it, let's understand what this camera is all about. OnePlus added this camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro which would allow the users to put a false-color filter on the pictures. This was obviously much more granular than anything a software could do. The issue was found in the Photochrome mode on the OnePlus 8 Pro. The sensor was able to be used for infrared photography. Normally, the issue was just a minor one but then people started discovering that it could see through clothes as well, and that raised more concerns. Because that can easily become a huge scandal.

In a post on Weibo, OnePlus has issued an apology and talked about how they are going to disable the color-filter camera for the time being. The update that will do this is going to be delivered within a week in the Chinese region and we are hoping that it would not take long for the update to roll out in other regions as well. This update will disable the color-filter camera altogether, which will essentially make the OnePlus 8 Pro a triple camera phone rather than a quad camera. While this is certainly going to make some people upset, the fault lies on OnePlus who should have been careful when they decided to put this feature into the phone altogether.

Obviously, we cannot say that everyone is going to misuse the feature. But it is better to have it disabled than to have complaints from users as well as the victims.

Do you think OnePlus 8 Pro should have its color-filter camera disabled or is the company just exaggerating the situation?

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