OnePlus 6T in-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Gets Faster With Time – Here’s Everything You Need to Know


The OnePlus 6T is one of the few phones on the market with an in-display fingerprint scanner, but some users had complained that it isn’t as fast as the physical sensors on the older OnePlus smartphones. However, with an unlock time of .34 of a second, it isn’t bad and according to the company’s software engineer Yale Liu, it will get even faster over time.

OnePlus 6T Features Sophisticated Algorithms That Will Improve the Speed of Screen Unlock

Dubbed Screen Unlock by OnePlus, the in-display fingerprint scanner recognizes fingerprints using a green light. The data read by the sensor is compared to the data stored in the phone to authenticate logins. Thanks to the phone’s sophisticated algorithms, it will get faster and more accurate over time. Whenever the user unlocks the phone, the scanner stores areas of the fingerprint that were missed during the initial registration process.

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This data is fed into the phone, making Screen Unlock faster as time goes by. Moreover, when you unlock the phone with a wet finger or when your finger has a cut, this information is added to the database too, so that when you attempt to unlock your phone under similar circumstances, it will unlock faster.

Although the OnePlus 6T already ships with a plastic protector, the company is also selling tempered glass protectors now that offers increased protection. It also comes with oleophobic coating, which means it will help you keep your new device smudge-free. For improved accuracy, the company recommends registering the fingerprints every time the protector is changed.

To recap, the Snapdragon 845-fueled OnePlus 6T is a feature-packed smartphone that is already receiving rave reviews. Thankfully, the biometric module is not attached to the display itself, so if the phone’s screen is ever broken, users will only have to worry about repairing the display panel.

If you want to place your order for the OnePlus 6T, know that it is one of the best Android flagships that is priced under $600.

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News Source: OnePlus Forums