OnePlus 5 Is Unofficially Water-Resistant, But There Are No Rubber Seals or Adhesives Surrounding It


You guys saw up close and personal that with all the powerful internals running in the price/performance device, the OnePlus 5 does not feature any sticky adhesive or rubber seals like the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 that will prevent water from seeping inside. In fact, even OnePlus has failed to give the smartphone any Ingress Protection certification, which obviously means that the device should not be taken near bodies of water, or areas surrounding dust. This is naturally done to save costs and to give the smartphone its unbeatable price tag, but that still has not stopped people from carrying out tests on the phone.

OnePlus 5 Survives a Bath in a Bowl of Water - Still Does Not Mean That the Phone Can Keep Water at Bay

A YouTube channel called Techno Unboxing decided to test out the ‘unofficial water-resistance’ of the OnePlus 5. Naturally, these are not your usual standard and meticulously performed water-resistance tests that actually enable manufacturers to give their device that Ingress Protection rating, but it does make you wonder if a mobile device that features no form of protection, able to resist the liquid seeping inside and wreaking havoc on the phone’s internals.

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With the test underway, the OnePlus 5 was placed in a bowl of water for 60 seconds and while the screen was not responding to touches, there was no glitching, which indicated that the smartphone was doing one heck of a job in preventing water from causing irreparable harm to the OnePlus 5. Though the phone came out unscathed, neither the manufacturer nor Carl Pei has revealed anything about the phone’s ability to resist water.

That being said, if you will be taking out the handset and bringing it near bodies of water, it is highly recommended that you purchase a water-resistant bag or a case that you can actually use while you and your phone are submerged.

If you want to check out the water test, it has been given below in the video, and also let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: YouTube (Techno Unboxing)