Its Official! The One Plus 2 Will Feature Reversible Type-C USB Connectivity

Looks like OnePlus is eager to make its 2015 flagship stand out of the pack this time around. The company managed to gain a nice little cult following with its last device and this time it seems to have some big plans. The OnePlus Two has been officially confirmed to be coming with Qualcomm's ill-fated Snapdragon 810. But before you start sweating about this, the device is said to come with v2.1 of Qualcomm's octa core ARM beast, which reportedly does not come with similar throttling issues as its predecessor. Or atleast that's what folks over at Xiaomi would like us to believe, after they launched the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro this year with v2.1. But today's post isn't about the Snapdragon 810, but about another feature that almost all users would love to have on their next flagship.

OnePlus Confirms Next Flagship To Be One Of First With Type-C USB Port

In a move that'll undoubtedly help build the hype around its upcoming flagship smartphone, OnePlus just announced that the OnePlus 2 will be the first flagship to use the USB Type-C port. All of this year's flagships so far have seen numerous upgrades, but Type-C hasn't been one of them. Looks like folks over at the company have thought long and hard about their upcoming flagship and are taking every measure to ensure that it stands out of the pack.

Type-C should give the OnePlus 2 some good data transfer speeds and will also finally remove the age old problem of plugging the wrong end of the cable into your PC. That should be a sigh of relief for countless users worldwide and we wont be surprised if the OnePlus 2 sees its sales go up simply because of that (Just kidding). The device seems to be a great package so far though, so all eyes on the company to pull off a successful launch. Perhaps it'll finally give OnePlus enough traction to become a large scale manufacturer and not resort to invites for its launches. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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