OnePlus 2 Will Feature 5.5 Inch Screen, 4 GB RAM And 1080p Display

All the hardware specifications of OnePlus 2 are unraveling one by one. Earlier we had published news that the upcoming mobile powerhouse was going to feature a price tag that would be less than $450. If users are going to pay far more than what they originally paid for OnePlus One, then the startup Chinese will most likely have incorporated some impressive components inside its flagship offering. Just so you know, the following specs are impressive, and play along nicely with the price tag of the device as well.

OnePlus 2 Loaded With Several Hardware Goodies, The Best One Being A 1080p Display

Thanks to a Weibo user @KJuma, we have received information (in the form of an image present below) that OnePlus 2 will not only be featuring a RAM count of 4 GB, but this memory will be running at DDR4 speeds, along with a 5.5 inch display that will be rendering a 1080p display. Before this revelation, it was stated that the screen size of the handset with be in between 5.5 to 5.7 inches. Looks like OnePlus decided to maintain the number of pixels and screen size between both of its smartphones.

In an effort to prevent the overheating of OnePlus 2, the device will be running V2.1 of Snapdragon 810. While we cannot confirm right now as to how the chipset is going to perform during its benchmarking run, we will be giving OnePlus 2 the benefit of the doubt. Moving on, the Chinese firm has upgraded the rear camera sensor and total battery capacity too. OnePlus 2 will be featuring a 16 MP rear shooter coupled with a 5 MP front camera sensor.


While the image states that 3 GB of RAM will be present, keep in mind that OnePlus plans to reveal several models of its OnePlus 2

A 3,300 mAh battery will be present in the upcoming handset, and while it is only a 300 mAh increase compared to the cell present in OnePlus One, it will be sufficient in delivering a satisfactory backup time to its user. The image also reveals that 64 GB of on-board storage will be present, but there is no mention of a MicroSD storage slot, which is thoroughly disappointing.

As for a final upgrade, OnePlus 2 will feature a full metal chassis, which only means that you will be getting a combination of both performance and appealing cosmetics from the ‘somewhat affordable’ mobile powerhouse. Let us hope the smartphone does not disappoint when it makes its way for a public announcement on July 27.

Image source: Weibo

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