Old School Turn-Based RPG Encased Seeks Funding on Kickstarter


Old school turn-based roleplaying game Encased now seeks funding (the minimum goal is €86K) on Kickstarter. It's being developed by Dark Crystal Games, an independent studio based in San Petersburg, Russia. Some of its developers are credited for working on the two Divinity: Original Sin games at Larian.

Encased, which has been described by Dark Crystal Games as the Fallout of their dreams, already has a Steam page listing Q1 2019 as the target release window on Early Access.

Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG Review – The Post-Dome Dream

Short Description

  • Old-school isometric RPG coming to PC, Mac, Linux, XBox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch;
  • Sci-fi and post-apocalyptic setting;
  • Turn-based combat system;
  • Single protagonist with companions;
  • Story campaign of approximately 30+ hours long with significant replay potential;
  • Dozens and dozens of side quests to adventure;
  • Gigantic open world via the global map with about 200 handcrafted locations to explore;
  • More than 75 unique random encounters.

The game is set in an alternate 1970's and revolves around the exploration of the Dome, a mysterious structure discovered in a remote desert. No one knows the exact nature of those who built the Dome, but the founders of this advanced civilization have come to be called the Forefathers.

You will discover miraculous technologies and weird artifacts in the labyrinths of the Dome, but that is not all the Forefathers left behind. Watch out for automated security systems, traps, and inexplicable anomalies.

In addition, the Dome itself is showing signs of consciousness. It has been reacting to the human presence since the first explorers entered its domain. Once inside, no one is able to leave. Uncovering the wonders and dangers of the Dome is a one-way road.

Exploration and exploitation of the Dome is carried out by the CRONUS Foundation, a massive organization founded by the world’s most powerful governments. CRONUS is divided into five departments, called Wings, each with its own director, specialization and history.