All Official Wallpapers Of HTC One M9 – Download Them Here

The time for a big release by HTC is closing in and just as we were holding back our temptation, our favorite leakster, LlabTooFeR saved the best surprise for last. Yes! All of the HTC One M9 wallpapers are out. Fifteen in total, there has been nothing much left about the announcement. HTC has been hiding quite a stash beneath all the rumors that piled up. If you want to know more about the wallpapers or even better, see and download them all here.

All of the latest wallpapers are here and and the sequence has been carried quite well with nature sinking in the list. The wallpapers depict nature in the form of beaches and tempting fields in yellow and blue. These mesmerizing wallpapers will be part of the HTC One M9 and one can imagine how they will look in their host smartphone, the HTC One M9. These wallpapers not only represent nature but has two more of the geometrical types in the form of shapes. We already are accustomed to the HTC One M9 wallpapers and probably these will be part of them and carry the legacy forward.

Download HTC One M9 Official Wallpapers

The wallpapers have been provided below and by the look of i, they seem pretty great compared to last years'. You can see all of them, either download them all or pick out the best one which suits your mood and persona. Not only have we made it possible to download ll of them here but we provide the wallpapers in the best and original resolution which is 2160 x 1920 pixels. So you don't have to worry about keep searching the wallpapers that fit your display.

Albeit, a simple suggestion is that they may cover more than one pans of the HTC One M9 home screen but have at it, take a glance upon the insanely great piece of art HTC has provided us with. The gallery has been provided for you, you can download them here. Do stay with us as we extract more from the MWC event and provide you details of the best gadgets being launched.

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