HTC’s One M9 Will Be A Real Treat For Music Lovers And Come With Three Color Options

Looks like the HTC One M9 has decided to pick up the pace when it to leaks and specs outing. After we saw several specifications of the device being posted earlier today, including somewhat detailed camera specifications including the manufacturer of the sensor and the processor for the phone, its time for an oft overlooked detail for any device; its color options. Upleaks is back today with what he believes will be the color options available for you to choose from on the HTC One M9. Take a look below.

HTC One M9 To Come With Three Color Options And A Treat For Music Lovers

HTC's looking to stick to the tried and tested basics for color options on the upcoming HTC One M9 it looks like. The device will be available in three color themes according to the information above. These will be a completely Gunmetal variant on both the front and back of the device, a duo of gold on the front and silver on the back for those who cant make their minds up and an all gold HTC One M9 for those who prefer a little bit of glamor on their devices. The One M9 will also be a treat for music lovers, according to Upleaks.

Looks like HTC's not leaving any strings unpulled when it comes to entertainment and multimedia on the HTC One M9. After the device's impressive camera details (that we shared with you earlier today) looks like music's going to be a real treat on the device. According to Upleaks, HTC's going to be taking Dolby's help with the music on the One M9. The device come with Dolby powered Audio technology, as has also been speculated in the past. Given HTC's design prowess, the One M9 sounds to be a very well rounded off device indeed. All eyes on Barcelona now, where we get to finally see what HTC and Samsung have been working on for so long.

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