Official Grand Theft Auto V Trailer


After successfully hitting the trilogy on Apple App Store the huge gaming company is all set to release the maestro Grand Theft Auto V or more commonly known as GTA V is soon to make its comeback on Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Rockstar, the developer of GTA and other renowned games today released the trailer of the upcoming GTA V which has already terrified you with utter curiosity. Check it out with your very own eyes after the break.

The game will be set in Los Angeles, the heart of Rockstar. Does that mean Rockstar is utilizing its resources from LA: Noire and directing them in GTA V. I don’t think they’ll want to disappoint us with the over hyped GTA V. It’s only a matter of time until we finally uncover this mystery.

The main character is the dad who has shifted to LA in order to become a good guy; the GTA guy? According to sources we will be able to play the game with around five characters. Is it really possible? Well in my opinion yeah. We could the see all the characters of previous parts lining up in this one. We did see LA in GTA: San Andreas so we might see the same characters on the streets in GTA V again.

Rockstar has not delivered any official word over the current issue but we’ll keep you updated when we get one. For now enjoy the trailer and hope that we see the game sometime near. Christmas maybe?