Official Galaxy S23 Leather Cases Leak Ahead Of Launch

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S23
All Galaxy S23 models shown from the back

We have another day and another Galaxy S23 leak, and this time we are looking at the official, first-party leather cases that will be coming alongside the series. These cases will be available as separate purchases and pre-order bonuses in certain regions.

The cases give us a better understanding of how the phones will look, and so far, they corroborate everything we have seen in leaks. The latest leak is from SnoopyTech, who shared pictures of these official leather cases in a couple of colors.

The Galaxy S23 leather cases leave nothing to imagine as far as the design is concerned

You can look at the cases below:


The leaked leather cases for the Galaxy S23 phones show a similar design language that we have come to expect from Samsung. While the Galaxy S23 Ultra looks near-identical to the Galaxy S22 Ultra from last year, the two base models are more rounded, at least when looking at the case. This is nothing new, considering how Samsung has been making minor adjustments.

However, if the leather is not your preferred case material, you can expect Samsung to offer a variety of cases, including silicone, clear, plastic, and even folio cases. Not to mention a range of third-party cases from Spigen, ESR, Caseology, and more.

The Galaxy S23 series will arrive on 1st February, later this year. The phones will not offer a significant change in design but will be sporting the latest hardware under the hood. Going forward, we will see more leaks, so be sure you are sticking around for more.

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