Go Inside The Octagon With UFC Undisputed 3 In Their Latest Video

UFC Undisputed 3 has come under the radar earlier when THQ released a video about the games Career Mode giving players an authentic experience of the game but along side with making the action as real as possible but now the game takes it up a notch by giving players the real voice experience too. What would a video game be without voice? UFC Undisputed 3 Audio Director "Antoine Peltier" will talk us through on what to expect from the voices in the game which include the authentic voices of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg as the in game broadcasters too to make the experience complete.

THQ Claims that UFC Undisputed 3 will be the best UFC game yet, this game will deliver a rewarding career mode which will give players an idea of what MMA fighting is really like, the graphics have been stepped up and with the improvements of many of the flaws of the mechanics seen in previous games especially in the submission system this can easily prove to be the best UFC game yet.

While we have talked about the career mode, the graphics, a new game mode, fixes and changes to the fighting mechanics from previous games, new characters and more balanced fighting but what really caught our attention is how THQ is going to go an extra mile for the fans and add in the authentic voices of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg; two MMA broadcasters who will give players a complete experience in the game with both the broadcasters giving hours of dialogue in the game you can be sure that you won't hear the same line being repeated by the broadcasters and based on your fighting style the broadcasters will even talk accordingly which will make players feel like the game is really responsive to what they are doing with their fighter.

THQ Was able to provide us with the following changes to the Audio Improvements the game went through:


Hundreds of hours of actual live broadcast commentary and studio recordings by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are combined to create the most authentic, educating and entertaining play-by-play experience in sports gaming.



With the new “Broadcast to Cageside” presentation, audio enters the Octagon and immerses the user with an all-new array of striking,  grappling and foley sound effects, providing realistic, tangible feedback for each and every contact between fighters and their environment.



Thousands of lines of intelligent, contextual dialogue from real live UFC coaches emerge from the fighter’s corners cage-side, providing on-the-fly advice and encouragement both during fights and between rounds.



Crowd audio is now meticulously tailored for every size of venue, from sparse training environments to Olympic-caliber arenas, and responds in authentic fashion to every momentum shift encountered inside the Octagon and Ring. Massive crowd chants now resonate for all your favorite UFC roster fighters, as well as your custom created fighters.



Authentic, film-quality musical compositions contextually embellish the user’s choices and results throughout the various modes of the game, encapsulating the international flair that mixed martial arts has achieved. Furthermore, hundreds of music tracks from a myriad of various genres add to the pageantry of fighter entrances.



All-new, expanded “GIWY” commentary tracks your fighter’s progress for every mode in the game - Ultimate Fights, Career Mode, Tournament Mode, Title and Title Defense Mode.



Every aspect of the Pride experience is faithfully recreated, from Lenne “The Screaming Lady” Hardt introducing fighters, to the referee’s instructions pumped through the PA, to the one-of-a-kind play-by-play commentary by the legendary broadcast duo of former UFC Heavyweight Champion “El Guapo” Bas Rutten and “The Fight Professor” Stephen Quadros.

The above changes are rather convincing over the significant improvements the game has gone through for the sake of giving the fans a complete game where they can really be part of the MMA world from the safety of their consoles at home. THQ has literally put an outstanding amount of effort into this game so far and it shows itself very well in the videos, with the game launching on February 14th you really shouldn't miss out on this game if you are a fan of the series, this is definitely the best game in the series yet.



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